Valoración de la idoneidad de los criterios STOPP/START en el ámbito de atención primaria en España por el método RAND

  1. Castillo Páramo, Alicia
  2. Pardo Lopo, R.
  3. Gómez Serranillos, I.R.
  4. Verdejo González, Asunción
  5. Figueiras Guzmán, Adolfo
  6. Claveria Fontan, Ana
Semergen: revista española de medicina de familia

ISSN: 1138-3593

Ano de publicación: 2013

Número: 8

Páxinas: 413-420

Tipo: Artigo


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Introduction. A new screenings tool called STOPP/START has been formulated to identify potentially inappropriate prescribing in older people. This study aimed to assess the appropriateness of STOPP/START criteria in primary health care (PHC) in Spain. Material and method. The RAND Appropriateness Method was used to obtain agreement on STOPP/START criteria with two rounds in Vigo PHC with 582.968 inhabitants (24% ? 65 years). The pharmacotherapy committee of Vigo PHC area was identified as expert panel, with 12 members from different specialties. In the first round, the committee was provided with relevant literature and a questionnaire with STOPP/START criteria to rate their applicability in PHC with a 9-point Likert scale. Then, each of the criteria was classified according to the median scores and the degree of agreement. In the second round, the experts discussed the undecided criteria and suggestions. Results. Most of the criteria were appropriate. We present a new version with the following differences: to remove START E2 "Biphosphonates in patients taking maintenance oral corticosteroid therapy"; to remove START F3 "Antiplatelet therapy in diabetes mellitus with coexisting major cardiovascular risk factors"; to modify STOPP A9, A15, A16, A17 and E5; and START A1 and A2, adding acenocoumarol to all of them because acenocoumarol is the most used anticoagulant in our country and they only refer to warfarin, and to introduce STOPP C6: "Use of proton pump inhibitors without authorized indication". Conclusions. Criteria STOPP/START are suitable for use PHC but it is necessary to adapt and update them periodically.