Effects of Platelet Activating Factor on Contractions and Ca Influx Induced by Noradrenaline and Potassium in Rat Rubbed and Intact Aorta. Comparison with Its Hypotensive Effect in Anaesthetized Normotensive Rats

  1. Orallo, F.
  2. Verde, I.
  3. Loza, M.I.
  4. Alzueta, A.F.
  5. Campos, M.
  6. Freire‐Garabal, M.
Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

ISSN: 2042-7158 0022-3573

Ano de publicación: 1992

Volume: 44

Número: 4

Páxinas: 344-348

Tipo: Artigo

DOI: 10.1111/J.2042-7158.1992.TB03618.X GOOGLE SCHOLAR

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