Nutrición parenteral en neonatosindividualización de la prescripción

  1. Natividad Lago Rivero
  2. Ana Concheiro Guisán
  3. Adolfo Paradela Carreiro
  4. Luisa González Durán
  5. M. M. López-Gil Otero
  6. María Teresa Inaraja Bobo
  7. Guadalupe Piñeiro Corrales
Acta pediátrica española

ISSN: 0001-6640

Ano de publicación: 2018

Volume: 76

Número: 1-2

Páxinas: 20-26

Tipo: Artigo

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Introduction: Preterm birth suppresses radically easily assimilable energy that provides placental transport, posing a nutritional medical emergency, because the digestive tract of preterm infant is unable to manage and absorb the energy required by extrauterine life and postnatal growth. Because of the characteristics of immaturity and own morbidity of newborn preterm and/or small for gestational age, it’s necessary to individualize the composition of parenteral nutrition, adapting it to the needs and tolerance of each newborn. Objective: The aim of our work is to design a program that allows the calculations of parenteral nutrition of the newborn individually. Methods: Current recommendations of macro and micronutrients are reviewed, and with the variables gestational age, weight, days of life and laboratory parameters, some mathematical equations are established. Results: We obtain a series of continuous functions relating requirements based on current scientific evidence with age, weight and nutrition day, simplifying the individualized prescription and the development of parenteral nutrition. Conclusions: This calculation method allow us to reduce errors in the calculation of parenteral nutrition in preterm infants, because simplifying operations the risk of error decreases, allowing the calculation of an individual parenteral nutrition easily, quickly and safely.