Metástasis cutáneas de adenocarcinoma lobulillar de mama

  1. Carnero Fernández, M.
  2. Heh, D.
  3. Allegue Rodríguez, Francisco
  4. Fachal Bermúdez, Carmen
  5. Fernández Martín, Julián
Galicia Clínica

ISSN: 0304-4866 1989-3922

Year of publication: 2011

Volume: 72

Issue: 4

Pages: 191-193

Type: Article

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Breast carcinoma is the neoplasia more frequently associated to cutaneous dissemination in women, whereas pulmonary cancer is the one that more commonly metastasize to skin in men. Usually, the cutaneous metastases present in cases with primary tumor already known (sometimes diagnosed and treated a lot of years before) and associated to affectation of other organs. In the case we present, cutaneous metastases were the presenting sign of a lobular breast carcinoma without evidence of visceral dissemination until a year after the diagnostic and whose survival from the start of the complaint was of roughly two years. In conclusion, cutaneous metastases have to be included in the differential diagnostic of any cutaneous injury, so much in patients with previous history of cancer as in those without known neoplasia and asymptomatic