Lidocaína endovenosa domiciliaria en cuidados paliativos

  1. Villamil Cajoto, Iago 1
  2. Álvarez Pérez, Alicia 1
  3. Marcos Fernández, Mariana 1
  4. Balea Vázquez, Lucía 1
  5. Melchor Armiño, Íñigo 1
  1. 1 Hospital da Costa, Unidade de Hospitalización a Domicilio, Burela, Lugo, España
Hospital a Domicilio

ISSN: 2530-5115

Ano de publicación: 2022

Volume: 6

Número: 1

Páxinas: 47-52

Tipo: Artigo

DOI: 10.22585/HOSPDOMIC.V6I1.150 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAcceso aberto editor

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Introduction: Neuropathic pain is a often difficult to control pain and is suitable of different therapeutic approaches. Method: Lidocaine is a local anesthesic and its endovenous use is sometimes necessary to control neuropathic pain. There is no reported use of this drug at home. Results: We performed the lidocaine endovenous infusion in two patients with neuropathic pain achieving significant clinical improvement. Conclusions: Endovenous lidocaine infusion at home, is a safe and effective proceeding for patients with neuropathic pain.

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