Estatus convulsivo por cisticerco

  1. Iria Carballeira
  2. Rosa Romarís Barca
  3. Elena Maside Miño
  4. José Luaces González
Acta pediátrica española

ISSN: 0001-6640

Ano de publicación: 2013

Volume: 71

Número: 8

Páxinas: 237-244

Tipo: Artigo

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The neurocysticercosis consists of CNS involvement by the larval stage of certain tapeworms, Taenia solium generally. Endemic in almost all developing countries, is increasing the frequency in Europe by immigration and international adoption. Diagnosis is based on clinical, epidemiological, serological and neuroimaging, classifying it in definitive or probable. We report the case of a Colombian girl six years old, with a history of seizure, after which she did not receive antiepileptic treatment, was admitted to the hospital with a status epileptic, which was controlled by the administration of diazepam and intravenous valproic acid. After performing additional tests, it was established a probable diagnosis of brain neurocysticercosis in stage IV, then she was treated with albendazole and dexamethasone, remaining the oral treatment with valproic acid. The patient evolution was favorable, being asymptomatic at 6 months after admission with neurocisticercoides injured in resolution, allowing the withdrawal of the anticonvulsant treatment.