Disponibilidad en acceso abierto de la producción científica del Servicio Gallego de Salud (Sergas) desde 2014 a 2019

  1. Carmen Rodríguez Otero
  2. Uxía Gutiérrez Couto
  3. Ana E. Calvo Ferrer
Galicia Clínica

ISSN: 0304-4866 1989-3922

Ano de publicación: 2022

Volume: 83

Número: 1

Páxinas: 12-17

Tipo: Artigo

DOI: 10.22546/64/2566 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAcceso aberto editor

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Introduction: This paper studies the open access availability to the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) staff´s scientific production between 2014 and 2019, its evolution through the different open access routes and the volumen of publications that could be deposited in the institutional repository. Methodology: Based on an export from Sophos, (the tool that measures the scientific production of the SERGAS), this paper analizes the set of publications in which at least one author with SERGAS institutional affiliation. The APIs of Unpaywall, DOAJ and the Find Full Text function of EndNote were used to determine whether the article had a full-text version available. Results: The SERGAS scientific production between 2014 and 2019, excluding conference contributions, amounts to 7,792 articles. 44.10% of those articles can be classified as real open access (gold, bronze or hybrid), 51.16% are published in journals that allow self-archiving and only 4.75% do not support open access or do not provide information on their access policy. These articles were published in 1,695 different journals, 409 of wich follow the gold open access model. Conclusions: 95% of the articles reviewed would be available to the end user through one of the open access routes and could be deposited in the institutional repository