Care center: Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ferrol

Sanitary area: Área Sanitaria de Ferrol

Service: Library

I have been working as a librarian at the Hospital Arquitecto Marcide for the Ferrol Health Area since June 1990. From February 2017 until December 2022, I coordinated the Sergas Virtual Library, Bibliosaúde. I carry out an important teaching activity and regularly give seminars, courses and workshops on: - bibliographic searches and information retrieval in different and multiple databases in health sciences and tools for information retrieval in Evidence-Based Medicine, - localization of Clinical Practice Guidelines, - scientific writing and bibliographic styles, especially Vancouver, - Internet resources applied to health sciences and research, - reference management tools, - courses for patients and the evaluation of health resources on the Internet. - I have also taught research support courses (standardization of author and institutional signatures, digital author identifiers, researcher profiles in Google Scholar, how to choose journals to publish in and creative commons licenses, open access and repositories, Fecyt CVN, ORCID). - I am part of the advisory committee of Revista TOG. Revista de Terapia Ocupacional de la Asociación Profesional Gallega de Terapeutas Ocupacionales. . - I am part of the Editorial Board of Enfermería Dermatológica la-revista. - Member of the Spanish Society of Scientific Documentation and Information - SEDIC ( ) and the Association of Professionals of Archives, Libraries, Museums and Documentation Centers of Galicia. BAMAD (